Tronsmart Launches 3 New Products in 2021 on Aliexpress

Tronsmart Launches 3 New Products in 2021 on Aliexpress

2020 just past. What have you achieved in the past year? What is your new flag for 2021? Wanna do more exercise? Or wanna travel somewhere? I would like to recommend you some products as your good “mate” to accompany you. Link


Tronsmart Apollo Q10 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headohones

Equipped with hybrid active noise cancelling technology, Apollo Q10 can reduce up to 35dB noise from wide and short frequency. The patented power saving technology makes this speaker can play 100 hours contentiously. It means that you can use 100 days with one time charging if you listen to music 1 hour per day. While the most headphones can only play 20-40 hours. To make it easier to operate, Apollo Q10 is designed with touch control panel. So, you don’t need to take your headphone off when you want to switch a song or adjust the volume. Besides, it also supports APP control. With APP, you can change different EQ mode for your favorite listening style. More importantly, it only costs 46.99 USD during the promotion on AliExpress on Jan. 25-Jan. 27. It costs 1/10 of Apple AirPods Max. If the brand doesn’t matter for you, Apollo Q10 is definitely your best choice.

Tronsmart Apollo Q10 Speaker

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Tronsmart Force 2 IPX7 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Engineered with Qualcomm QCC3021 chip, Force 2 provides you with a balanced and terrific sound. The broadcast mode allows you to sync 100+ Force 2 speakers together at the same time to make your party more fun. With SoundPulse® technology, Force 2 delivers astoundingly powerful 30W RMS output with rich bass in a compact size. Two passive radiators deliver heart-pumping sound with strong bass. If you are a bicycle lover, this speaker is very good for you. You can perfectly put it in the mobile holder. The IPX7 waterproof feature allows you to take this speaker anywhere anytime. No matter rain or sweat, beach or mountain. For such a wonderful speaker, it just costs only 57.99USD during AliExpress promotion on Jan. 25-27. Save up to 41.99USD! Buy one as your new year gift.

Tronsmart Force 2 Speaker

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Tronsmart Shadow 2.4GHz Wireless Gaming Headset

Engineered with 50mm HD driver, Tronsmart Shadow provides you the best sound. The 360-degree rotatable and detachable microphone allows you to adjust it to the best position for the clearest sound. Diverse RGB lighting effects light up the gaming fight night. The memory foam and padded headband bring you the most comfortable wearing experience. It is compatible to all devices including: mobile devices, tablets, Consoles, Switch, PC, Xone, Xbox (3.5mm cable is required), etc. 12 hours playtime brings you the whole night gaming experience. And you would not believe that it takes only 49.99USD during the promotion.

Tronsmart Wireless Headset Gaming

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New year, new flag! Live present. Live happily. Buy one gift for yourself. 

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