AOVO Bogist M5 Pro Electric Scooter for only £599.99 on Black Friday

AOVO Bogist M5 Pro Electric Scooter for only £599.99 on Black Friday

BOGIST is a firm that provides electric scooters. These are environmentally friendly and do not cause any damage to the environment. These scooters do not need any fuel that makes pollution. They always try to put a forward item that contains all types of comfort. BOGIST is one of the top businesses that want to reach new heights. Scooters are two wheels vehicles, and it is considered one of the best form of transportation. These are very useful in traffics. In this review, I will tell you one of BOGIST’s best products M5 Pro. It also has other products, but this is their new product that attracts many buyers.

About BOGIST M5 Pro:

It is a scooter with explosion-proof tires. The size of the tire is wide, and it is free from a nail puncture. It has 500W of the stable motor with better performance, strong power and waterproof design. These scooters make your journey safe and comfortable. The demand for this scooter is very high at that time. Many lovers want to buy this scooter at any price. I think this scooter does not need any marketing. Many lovers already know about these scooters and want to buy them as soon as possible.

Aovo Bogist M5 Pro

Here is the review of the braking system of AOVO Bogist M5 Pro. The front and rear wheel disc system make the break of this scooter safer. It also has a double shocked absorption system that makes your riding more comfortable, and you can face any road because of the grip of tires. It also has a basket behind its back with a strong weighing capacity. With this, you can have many things in your basket comfortably as compared to the last model.

Aovo Bogist M5 Pro

Features of BOGIST M5 Pro:

It is equipped with a seat that makes the trip comfortable for its owner. The maximum load capacity of this scooter is 150 KG. The designer changed the front side of this scooter a little bit as compared to its last model. It can accelerate quickly, and it also maintains very quick speed. It also has dual suspension. The speed tip of M5 Pro is 40 KM/H, and it can climb a slope of a maximum of 15 degrees. The engine of this scooter is very efficient.

Aovo Bogist M5 Pro

You can travel a distance of 40 Km with a battery capacity of 11 MAH. It takes 6 hours to charge the battery completely. It is foldable technology. You can easily take it anywhere after folding it. It can easily be adjusted in the backseat of your car. This technology is waterproof. This feature saves the scooter from rusting. It has front and rear lights that make it easy for you to ride a scooter at night. This scooter can hold the weight of 150 kg it means two persons can easily ride on these scooters.

Aovo Bogist M5 Pro Price

Speed and Power:

It has a meter at scooters dashboard with this you can see your speed. These scooters are suitable for travelling purposes. It also has a power Lio battery which has 50% more power than other scooters lio.

Aovo Bogist M5 Pro Speed

This scooter is easy to control. The design of the M5 PRO is very beautiful; it can attract anyone by its shapes and features. It has many colors that make the scooters look beautiful, and the body of this scooter is rigidly firm.

This scooter has become helpful for the environment because it does not need any fuel, so it cannot make the type of pollution caused by other vehicles. It just needs electricity and is an environmentally friendly vehicle. This scooter has become trending nowadays everyone wants to buy this product this makes M5 PRO special. It can be very helpful in traffic jams, and it also saves your time. You can put some items in its basket. But this scooter also needs care and maintenance; otherwise, it will be retired before its time.

AOVO Bogist M5 Pro Black Friday


  • Model name: M5 PRO
  • Housing:It is made up of Aluminum alloy that makes the scooter’s body very hard and reliable.
  • About engine: 48 single drive at 500W this type of engine can give very hard competition to other competitors because this type of engine make scooters work effectively.
  • About battery: 48-ampere lithium that can you reliable battery timing.
  • Adapter: Input 100-240w, output 546w/day
  • Brakes: Brake block
  • Type: 12*20 pneumatic
  • Headlamp: Front and rear lights
  • Landing: 150k
  • Speed: 40-45 km/h
  • Charging distance: 35-40km
  • Time of charging: Wally 8
  • Tilt motion: 12 degrees
  • About Size: 120*39*50 cm
  • Products weight: 25kg.
  • Folding Size: 117 x 62 x 55 cm
  • Unfolding Size: 117 x 62 x 94 cm
  • Water Resistance: IP64

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For only £599.99 on Black Friday


All the prices of this scooter are mentioned in GBP. You can buy this product online from many websites like AOVO. AOVO is one of the top websites consisting of online shopping. It is best known for making its customers satisfied by delivering those right items. Their first aim was to win the trust of their costumer. AOVO is a website where some can easily buy or purchase many items.

You can also buy other electronic and smart items from this website at a reasonable price. During Black Friday, every website tries to give discounts as much as possible, and many scooters love eye toward the discounts of BOGIST M5 Pro, so AOVO decides to give a discount on this scooter.

They give a discount of 100 GBP product during black Friday. Any scooter lover can buy this product easily from these websites at a low price. It makes their image in the market. They always try to give the best customer service to their dear customers. They always give priority to their customers’ interests. At AOVO, you can buy this product at 599 USD.

Shipping or Delivery:

  • This site shows the shipment tracking number in 3 days.
  • They provide free shipping from a German warehouse. It will take 4 to 8 days to deliver.
  • They provide 14 days refund guarantee.
  • They also provide 30 days replacement guarantee.
  • They also provide 180 days accessories services, but it does not include a battery.
  • You have to leave your phone number while making an order to be delivered to you as soon as possible.


In last I want to tell you about some precautions you should take while riding scooters. Always wear safety gear like helmets and elbow pads. Try to ride on a smooth surface and stay away from heavy vehicles. Keep your eyes open while riding and try to avoid drains that can be very harmful to you.

With precautions, you can easily get out of any problems before they happen. During nights always keep your headlights on. With this, you can easily see someone coming from the front. Try to watch out for pedestrians. By taking these precautions, you can enjoy your riding on BOGIST M5 PRO.

Transportation can make the life of anyone easy. The company try to make scooters with the efficient body, power, speed and beauty. Many companies make efficient scooters, but one manufacturer named BOGIST tried to launch the product better than anyone. They try to give all features of the modern-day in their scooters. One of their product is M5 Pro. It gives a huge amount of profit to their company because worldwide demand these scooters. It gives a new look to the scooter and tries to make your safety their priority.

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