Nitecore new p12 flashlight

Nitecore New P12 Best Flashlight for only $79.95

Features Of Nitecore NEW P12 :

Nitecore new p12 flashlight

Use 21700 large capacity lithium battery

The 21700 battery has excessive strength density, right safety, and lengthy cycle life. It is extensively used to strength electric powered cars and is the vane of cylindrical batteries.

21700 flashlight with 25.4mm standard barrel size

Compatible with quite a number Nitecore fixtures, prosperous in utilization scenarios
The diameter of the tail of the NEW P12 is 27.2mm. When putting in the fixture, the tail cowl and the water-resistant O ring ought to be eliminated for installation.

Battery fully compatible

Powered by 21700 large-capacity battery, compatible with 18650 battery, CR123 battery and RCR123 battery.

Nitecore new p12 flashlight

1200 hours of battery life

Energy-saving gear for continuous use for 50 days.

Nitecore new p12 flashlight

1200 lumens
A must-have light for tactics, calmly face the darkness

Nitecore New P12 Using CREE XP-L HD V6 LED, the provider existence is up to 50,000 hours, the mild depth can attain 14200 candelas, 238 meters correct long-range shooting, sturdy brightness, and meet the use surroundings of search, patrol, regulation enforcement, tactics, etc.

Instant response, forward tactical switch

Lightly touch tactics to light up, press fully to turn on/off the flashlight, tailored for tactical response.

Two usage modes

Daily mode, designed for daily use
Tactical mode, designed for personal defense and mission execution.

Flexible switching mode

1. In the closed state, press and hold the shift button while pressing the tail switch
2. After about 5 seconds, when the blue indicator light on the shift button flashes quickly, release the shift button.
3. The indicator will flash to remind the user of the current mode
One flash indicates that it has entered “Daily Mode”; two flashes indicate that it has entered “Tactical Mode”.
4. After the prompt is over, the flashlight will turn on immediately.

Random variable frequency flash function

In the on state, lengthy press the shift button to flip on the random flash.
The flicker frequency adjustments randomly, and the scholars of human eyes can’t adapt to the frequency to comply with the contraction, which correctly enhances the on the spot dizziness effect.

Nitecore new p12 flashlight

Gear memory function

Provides a smart gear memory function. After turning it off, you can return to the previously used gear with one button and quickly enter the required lighting mode (except for SOS and beacon gears)

Battery reminder function

The built-in battery indicator on the side button can display the remaining battery power

Use high efficiency constant current circuit (non-PWM)

Brightness is constant without flicker, bringing a comfortable visual experience.

PDOT digital precision technology

The manufactured optical system is equipped with a crystal bright electroplated light cup, with uniform light.

ATR temperature control module

Nitecore NEW P12 has a built-in ATR temperature manage module, which can automatically regulate the brightness output according to the working kingdom of the flashlight and the outside temperature to make sure the long-term stable operation of the flashlight.

Compact structure

Compact and concise appearance, palm-sized, with detailed non-slip knurling, easy to control with one hand

Tactical application design, easy to use

Attack tooth design to meet the needs of unarmed defense
Black metal side buttons, delicate texture, solid and durable
DCP clip, easy to hide in the pocket.

Standard NTH10 flashlight quick pull sleeve

Designed for duty, compact size, light and flexible, can quickly pull out the flashlight.

Can be used with NTR10 tactical ring

Increase operating flexibility, fast and convenient, one step faster.

IPX8 protection level (2m underwater)

Nitecore New P12 has 1m drop resistance, suitable for all-weather use.

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  • Materials: Aerospace grade aluminum alloy
  • Flashlight Type: Outdoors
  • Flashlight size: Mid size
  • Feature: Adjustable brightness
  • Battery Quantity: 1
  • Battery Included or Not: No
  • Power (W): 15

Product Details

  • Power Source: Battery
  • Working Voltage: 5V
  • Body Material : Aluminium Alloy

Package Contents

  • Package Contents: 1 x Flashlight, 1 x 18650/CR123/RCR123 Battery Tube Sleeve, 1 x Flashlight Sleeve NTH10, 1x Hand Strap, 1 x Holding Clip, 1 x Waterproof Rubber Ring, 1 x Spare Rubber Cap

Buy Nitecore New P12 Flashlight Here

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