Review Xiaomi Mijia Vacuum Cleaner at $128.99 only

Review Xiaomi Mijia Vacuum Cleaner at $128.99 only

Features Of Mijia Vacuum Cleaner :

Mijia Vacuum Cleaner Review

Stick to the original intention of easy cleaning and make vacuuming a simple thing

Create a powerful, lightweight, slim, multi-purpose Mijia vacuum cleaner, the usage of it to retailer effort to smooth the entire house, housekeeping can be so simple.

Powerful comes from the high-speed power system, bursting with 16kPa suction

The electricity machine is reconstructed, and the high-speed dust-collecting motor is introduced, which produces a sturdy and giant suction strength of 16kPa interior the machine, which correctly sucks all types of dirt in each day life.

Smooth air duct, direct suction to dust, deep suction

Equipped with a easy air duct design, the suction pressure can attain the dirt location directly, and the dirt particles can be deeply absorbed from the backyard to the inner to enhance the cleansing efficiency.

1.54kg lightweight host, one-handed effortless cleaning of high places

The redundant structure is reduced, and the main unit is as light as 1.54kg, which is approximately equal to the weight of 3 bottles of 500mL bottled water. It can clean the ceiling, air-conditioning port and other high places in one fell swoop.

Slim and rotatable floor brush

The flooring brush is designed to be as skinny as 4cm, and it can be flexibly circled at the equal time. It can effortlessly easy the bottom of more than a few properties such as mattress bottoms and couch bottoms, and no longer want to pass heavy furniture.

Mijia Vacuum Cleaner Specs

240mm straight-in large suction mouth, suitable for all floors

The suction mouth of the flooring brush is 240mm wide, and the open diagram does no longer wrap hair, so as to suck up dirt and garbage. Wood floor/carpet/floor tiles are suitable, sweep the flooring of the entire house.

Triple high-efficiency filtration system, filter particles above 0.3μm

The cyclone separates the dirt and gas, and then passes via a three-fold filter machine composed of a pinhole stainless metal filter, a high-efficiency HEPA filter element, and filter cotton to make the exhaust fresh.

Multi-scene use

Not solely the flooring wishes to be cleaned, however the dirt on the floor of the fixtures and the corners and crevices can no longer be ignored. Switch the push rod or hand held as wished to soak up dirt and depart no sanitary corners.

Gap cleaning little expert – long flat suction head

Easily penetrate into the gaps, appropriate for cleaning up dirt and debris in slim places such as doors, windows, stairs, corners, and corners.

Xiaomi Mijia Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaner of dust and hair – brush suction head

Combination of suction and brush, appropriate for cleansing the dirt and lint on couch seats, cupboards and a number work surfaces.

Mijia Vacuum Cleaner Aliexpress

Comes with wall-mounted storage rack

It comes with a wall-mounted storage rack, which can be saved with one click, which is handy and does now not occupy a place, neat and now not messy, and effortless to take.

Washable filter components

The pinhole stainless metal filter, HEPA filter, and filter cotton can be disassembled, washed with water and dried earlier than use to stop blockage and odor.

Electronic control start

Stable anti-interference, improve the shortcomings of strong jitter in the wired vacuum cleaner industry.

2 gears of suction power optional

Use standard gear for daily cleaning, and powerful gear for deep cleaning.

6m cleaning radius

Wide coverage, easy to clean large apartment.


  • Rated voltage: 220V
  • Rated frequency: 50Hz
  • Rated power: 600W
  • True standard file: 10kpa, strong file 16kpa
  • Work noise is less than or equal to 79dB
  • Dust cup capacity: 0.6L

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