Review Xiaomi Aqara Motion Sensor at $14.99 only

Review Xiaomi Aqara Motion Sensor at $14.99 only

Whenever sudden movement is detected, The Aqara Motion Sensor will ship an alert notification to your smartphone and prompt neighborhood alarm through the Aqara Hub.

Communications between Aqara Hub and Aqara units can attain up to 20 m (65 feet) beneath ordinary conditions. It relying on terrain and constructing structure. Aqara Smart Plug and Aqara Smart Wall Switch(With Neutral) can additionally be used as a sign repeater to prolong sign coverage.

Aqara Motion Sensor

Features Of Aqara Motion Sensor

Easy Setup and Maintenance

Most Aqara gadgets require no wiring and screws. With the Aqara App and its easy-to-follow instructions, you can set up your clever domestic in no time. Aqara units are additionally made to eat very little energy, and most Aqara merchandise can closing over two years except altering batteries.

Aqara Sensor

Peace of Mind

Aqara can usually furnish you with the relief of understanding what’s occurring at domestic whilst you’re away. With a large vary of sensors, Aqara can set off the alarm sound or ship you an alert notification when surprising entry, movement, temperature change, or water leak is detected.

Aqara motion homekit

Remote Control and Automation

Aqara presents you with infinite methods to manage your clever home, whether or not it be via your phone, wi-fi switches, or voice instructions by using third celebration voice assistants. Set distinctive automations and scenes to manage your digital units based totally on the time of day or your non-public preference. Your residence will usually be at your command no be counted the place you are.

Aqara Motion Sensor Battery

Compatible with Most Voice Assistants

Aqara Hub is designed as high-compatibility clever domestic manipulate center. Aqara units into Apple HomeKit and Xiaomi Mi Home to work with different like minded gadgets for alarm systems, domestic automation, and voice commands. For example, you can set an “Away Mode” and spark off the scene the usage of your voice.


  • Precise detecting human body movement.
  • Link with other smart home appliances.
  • Zigbee wireless connection.
  • Timely sound the alarm and send the notification to your phone.
  • Thebattery service life reaches 2 years.
  • No tangled cable and tools required, easy to install it.
  • installation ways allow you place it where you want.
  • Compact size, invisible to use.
    High quality flame-resistant
  • material, improve the safety.

Buy Aqara Motion Sensor at $14.99

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