Review Xiaomi AX6000 Router Wifi 6 for $166.99

Review Xiaomi AX6000 Router Wifi 6 for $166.99

Xiaomi AX6000 Wireless Router Wifi 6 Features:

High bandwidth 160MHz

Double the bandwidth, double the speed
Bandwidth like a highway. Congestion is inevitable when the ordinary 4-lane lane faces excessive traffic. The AX6000 doubles the width of all lanes and without delay doubles the speed. Even if more than one gadgets are connected, you can experience the remaining easy site visitors experience.

Xiaomi AX6000 Wireless Router

4K QAM High Speed ​​Transfer

More superior transmission technology, acceleration by way of 20%
4K QAM science can enlarge the compression of the records density and enlarge the quantity of records transferred at the identical time by using 20%. With 4K QAM supported device, WiFi pace can be accelerated to any other level.

Network port 2500 meters at full speed

A new multi-generation community port to meet the demand for community velocity in the subsequent 5 years
When domestic bandwidth exceeds gigabit, usual router’s Gigabit Ethernet port will emerge as the bottleneck, and 2500Mb Ethernet port can effortlessly meet the wishes of future broadband upgrades. Meanwhile, it helps WAN / LAN switching. When used as a LAN port, it can be used with NAS (Network Attached Storage) to create a high-speed household personal cloud disk.

Xiaomi AX6000 Router


Simultaneous transmission of more than one devices, no interference between video games and drama
The mixture of MU-MIMO and OFDMA approves up to sixteen units to be transmitted in a single transmission. When the use of more than one gadgets simultaneously, the pace is quicker and the lengthen is less.

6 unbiased high-performance sign amplifiers

Even in a three-bedroom apartment, each and every room has a correct signal
Independent sign amplifier can successfully decorate sign transmission electricity and enhance sign reception sensitivity. The router sign may want to skip thru the wall better, and the insurance is wider. One router can effortlessly cowl the massive three bed room apartment.

Xiaomi Router Wifi 6

Xiaomi Mesh Networks

The multi-storey rental is now not afraid, and there are no lifeless ends for the total house
AX6000s multi-mesh mesh technological know-how lets in for forming mesh mesh, which can cowl the total residence with wonderful sturdy signals, be it a giant condominium or a multi-storey one. The gadget can mechanically swap between a couple of routers seamlessly, and play besides prolong whilst walking.

New Qualcomm processor

Hardware-level community acceleration engine, first-rate secure all-weather operation
With a new technology of Qualcomm router chips, an NPU core (Network Acceleration Engine) is added, which is mainly necessary for routers. The CPU core is used to take care of complicated computations, and the NPU focuses on forwarding data. Such a mixture can clear up the information congestion and packet loss difficulty when more than one units are linked and limit community prolong in the game.

512MB giant memory

248 units linked to web at the identical time, secure connection at all times
There are extra and greater related gadgets in the home, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, televisions, recreation consoles … and clever gadgets round the house. 512MB giant reminiscence is mainly organized for multi-device networking, steady connection and whenever responsiveness.

Xiaomi Wireless Router Wifi 6

Three-sided revolutionary cooling

Respond quietly 7 x 24h, goodbye to gradual down and disconnect
The top, aspects and backside of the fuselage are outfitted with warmness dissipation holes to shape a fast-rotating warmness dissipation channel. Keep the 7x24h router working in best situation at all times, keep away from routing frequency discount and gadget disconnection due to overheating.

Connect with Xiaomi

Standalone AIoT antenna, clever detection device, one-click community distribution
Open the Mijia app and faucet on “+” in the higher proper nook to routinely find out Xiaomi clever units round you that are now not geared up with a network. There is no want to enter a password, no cumbersome settings, and one-click configuration to join to the network, making it less difficult for the aged and children at domestic to work with ease.

Xiaomi Router

WiFi password alternate synchronization

Xiaomi clever gadget reconnects, solely zero operations
After the router adjustments the WiFi password, it will sync the new password to all Xiaomi clever devices, and the gadgets will use the new password to mechanically join to the router barring resetting the community configuration one by using one.

Exclusive Xiaomi Devices acceleration

Intelligent consciousness of Xiaomi cell phones, extraordinarily low latency in the recreation battlefield
When a couple of gadgets surf the Internet, the fighting on the community rages each and every minute, each second. At this time, the router can intelligently understand your Xiaomi / Redmi telephone and open the different acceleration channel in the sport scene, which significantly reduces the recreation prolong and lag.

Buy Xiaomi AX6000 Wireless Router Wifi 6 at $166.99

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