Download Among Us Wallpapers Mobile & PC Full HD Resolution

Download Among Us Wallpapers Mobile & PC Full HD Resolution

It is an enthusiastic team game, which provides the possibility to play with a group of players or with specific people and friends over the Internet, it can be downloaded to a computer or mobile, and the first to launch the game is Innersloth Studios, which was launched in 2018, but it is noticeable that the game has become a trend in our year This is 2021.

In Among Us, most players work collaboratively and rush to complete a list of tasks designed in order to accomplish and win the round, as this game company tries to recreate the cinematography of its tension with a colorful panel and a relaxed feel.

The game is about Crewmates in space whose spacecraft has broken down, and they have to perform a number of specific tasks in order to fix the malfunctions and get out of the problem. It is worth noting that the game does not contain Bots or bots, but rather the players who communicate with each other through the microphone or chats And you have to pay attention, among the group that is doing the repair there is an Imposter or a traitor, and this traitor must disrupt the completion of missions or kill the vehicle team, and he must convince others that he is one of them and not a traitor.

Among US Wallpapers for Mobile & PC

Among us is available for both PC and mobile, as well as game wallpapers. It’s not one of those games that has a lot of background scenes like Overwatch. Hence, it is hard to find wallpapers among us especially 4K. But we have managed to extract some of the best wallpapers among us in 4K and FHD that look great. As you know, the game has few in-game scenes for backgrounds, so the collection of wallpapers among us is also small. There are total 25 wallpapers among us that you can get here. If you want to check the wallpapers before downloading, check out the preview section.

Among US Wallpapers

Download Among Us Wallpapers

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