Mifa Wild Camping Speaker Bluetooth 5.3 for only $129.99 (35% OFF)

Mifa Wild Camping Speaker Bluetooth 5.3 for only $129.99 (35% OFF)

MIFA is a brand of high-quality portable speakers that is famous all over the globe for being the first company to manufacture camping loudspeakers that can be used even when it is raining. MIFA speakers are also noted for their exceptional sound quality. The brand-new Wild Camping Bluetooth speaker, which MIFA recently released, combines the capabilities of a traditional outdoor speaker with those of a lantern. Assemble the components of the outdoor lights. Campers that like spending time outside will find this location to be ideal.

The MIFA Wild Camping Bluetooth Speaker’s portability was prioritized from the beginning of the design process. Fantastic efficiency, great sound quality, and great utility create a nice ambiance with music and illumination for camping, driving through provinces, hiking, and other activities comparable to those in the great outdoors. With its innovative design, the new MIFA camping Bluetooth speaker does double duty as both a portable speaker and a light. Both can be moved easily and don’t leak water. Accommodate a variety of uses and goals. Not only does it light up your campsite at night, but it also lets you listen to music whenever you want.

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Mifa Wild Camping Speaker Features:

Its lightweight design makes it simpler than ever to transport. While camping, it may be used as a speaker and a lantern. The IP67 standard makes sure that the device is both waterproof and dustproof. It may be utilized as cold as -20 degrees Celsius and up to 45 degrees Celsius. The package offers complete surround sound with two 45mm full-range speakers and two 45x65mm amplifiers. The lithium battery can last for 13 hours and has a capacity of 9600 mAh. It may also be used as a backup battery for mobile phones. When putting up a tent on a mountain with a ridge, streaming services could no longer be used to play music.

Mifa Wild Camping Speaker

Turning the switch causes the music stored on the micro SD card to begin playing.  The MIFA speakers are now ready to give the campers a place where they can have fun without being bothered by anything. Connecting to Bluetooth 5.3 will make it easier to cut down on interference. The wait time is getting shorter. And better stability in the way signal transmission works. Also, it can connect two phones or tablets simultaneously to the same Bluetooth connection. Party Add technology allows connecting more than 100 Wild Camping speakers or other MIFA speakers that accept the technology.

Mifa Speaker

Best-in-Class Sound Quality Enhances Camping Fun:

Customers may be located in 63 distinct countries and places spread out over the whole planet. and two low-frequency radiators on each side. Aside from that, the speaker uses a technique called “Bass Loudness” and an amazing Actions DSP sound effect program. The company’s acoustics experts guarantee that the Mifa Wild Camping Speaker has a great sound quality by using a unique tuning that meets all of the user’s needs. In this way, all of the user’s needs are met.

Mifa Camping Speaker

High Protection Performance and Portability are more Worry-Free:

Mifa Wild Camping Speaker can be used in harsh outdoor situations because it is waterproof and dustproof to IP67 standards, can survive a two-meter drop onto grass, works well in temperatures from -20°C to 40°C, and has 13-hour battery life. It’s easy to move around because it has a built-in handle and a 1/4-inch standard screw adapter at the bottom. You can also hang it from trees or tents or put it on a tripod or light stand.

Mifa Bluetooth Speaker

In the Mountains, the Night is Lit by Bright Lights:

The MIFA Wild Camping camping Bluetooth speaker has two different warm light settings and RA high color rendering, which is like natural light. It makes things more like they were before. The Stepless dimming ranges from 10LM to 230LM, so you can easily change the brightness to meet your camping needs. No one can imagine how these technologies could work together in a single system. But the Wild camping Bluetooth speaker has done the impossible by being portable. It gives camping fans a new and better experience in both quality and variety.

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The Speaker’s sound is clear. Covering up sounds well with loud music (20 watts). Fifteen sounds to choose from, including 3 lullabies and relaxing sounds. Bluetooth speaker, audio in, and microSD card so you can play your music. Auto-off timers or play all the time. Dimmed screen with an analog clock. Built-in battery that can be charged.

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Professional outdoor speakers manufactured by MIFA are known for their innovative design and high level of performance. Customers may be located in 63 distinct countries and places across the whole planet. Every time a new product is released, it almost immediately generates a surge in offline and online business. The objective of “returning everyone to the wildness of their hearts” and the significance of the “sound of passion” have always been at the center of MIFA’s dedication.

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Buy it Mifa Wild Camping Speaker on Aliexpress for only $129.99

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