Valheim Sales Exceeds 6.8 Million Units Worldwide

Valheim Sales Exceeds 6.8 Million Units Worldwide

The game Valheim managed to control Steam sales for a long time, and last March the game has already reached more than 5 million sold copies, and it seems that sales have not stopped in any way over the past period, after it was recently revealed that it was close to the 7 million copies sold.

Valheim has already reached more than 6.8 million copies sold at the present time, and those numbers were revealed in the Embracer Group’s financial report for the full year and the fourth quarter of the last fiscal year, as well as the game’s sales increased the company’s revenue in the fourth quarter to $ 93.6 million.

The publisher expects the sales momentum to continue, with another 1 to 1.2 million copies sold before the current quarter ends in June. Here’s a rundown of Valheim:

A brutal survival exploration and horror game with 1 to 10 player support, set in a procedurally-generated environment inspired by the beloved Vikings’ culture. Battle, build and win your way through an odyssey worthy of Odin’s attention.

It is noteworthy that the addition of Hearth and Home is the next major update to Valheim and focuses heavily on food recipes, while the addition of Cult of the Wolf introduces new confrontations with the ability to expand further in ocean exploration and ship customization in the addition of Ships and the Sea.

It is noteworthy that the developer of the game «Valhem» considers that Zelda and Skyrim are the main source of inspiration for his game, which is currently only available on Steam.

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