Fortnite launches its version of Among Us

Fortnite launches its version of Among Us

Today, Epic Games announced a new game mode in Fortnite called “Imposters,” which is now available in regions of the world. What is remarkable is its similarity with Among Us, a game that at the end of 2020 gained immense popularity and won “Best Multiplayer Game” and “Best Mobile Game” at the Game Awards 2020.

The rest of the participants will have to maintain order inside the station, complete all their tasks and, if possible, detect fraudsters.

Epic Games stated that agents will be able to win if they carry out all of their tasks or detect scammers. On the contrary, scammers will win if they eliminate all customers.

As in Among Us, fraudsters in Fortnite will be able to take out missions to gain players’ trust and instill suspicion in game sessions.

This game mode will also have active voice communication, and will allow users to use chat and emotions to communicate. Likewise, when a participant suspects another person, he may request a meeting to vote in favor of the fraudster.

Game rooms can be private or public, but what cannot be changed is the number of cheats in each game. In sessions of seven or fewer players, there will be only one charlatan, while two charlatans will be chosen at random from eight to 10 players.

The company has not revealed how long this game mode will be available.

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