Get XINJI Smartwatch COBEE C2 & PAGT G2 for Great Discount

Get XINJI Smartwatch COBEE C2 & PAGT G2 for Great Discount

Wearable technology, such as smartwatches, now makes it possible to follow the progression of this illness over time, as well as other characteristics that are important to your general health. They work by using a variety of fundamental biological and chemical principles that are globally recognized.

XINJI is a technology company, with high-quality smart wear and smart home products, bringing customers a full range of healthy and comfortable modern life experiences. Our mission is to explore technology to benefit modern life.


  • The product model is designated as C2.
  • Water resistance  (3ATM).
  • Sensor: A G-sensor with three axes of motion is used.
  • The batteries have a power of 240mAh.
  • Bluetooth is the method of synchronization in use.
  • A 360-degree by 360-degree resolution has been achieved.
  • AMOLED panel with a diagonal resolution of 1.3 inches
  • The working period is around 5-15 days.
  • -10°C to 50°C is the temperature range in which the machine operates.
  • Apple iOS 10.0 or above and Android 5.0 or higher are supported operating systems.

Xinji Cobee C2 Smartwatch

Xinji COBEE C2 Features:

1.3″ HD AMOLED Display

With unprecedented visual clarity that reaches up to 360×360 High resolution, the large 1.3-inch screen of the XINJI C2 boasts a high screen-to-body ratio, and is visible even under bright sunlight.
Xinji Cobee C2 Smart watch

Detail Information on this Exercise:

Swipe your finger over the touch screen to access the activity data interface, from right to left. The data for the day are shown on this interface, including the number of steps taken, the distance traveled, and the number of calories burnt.

Xinji Cobee C2 Smartwatch


As soon as the watch is connected to the mobile APP, any new information that emerges on the mobile phone will be delivered synchronously to the watch side of the connection. There will be a plethora of information recorded on the wristwatch as well.


Following the watch’s connection to the mobile application, the weather will be shown on the watch’s display almost quickly after the connection is made.

Your Heart Rate should be Monitored:

The illumination of the green light signals this at its base, which indicates the commencement of the measurement, which takes around 30 to 60 seconds to complete. Following PPG technology, the value now being measured corresponds to the present value.

Xinji Smartwatch Heart monitor

Blood Oxygen Levels are Monitored:

This is signaled by the illumination of the red light located at the bottom of the device, which indicates the commencement of the measurement, which takes around 30 to 60 seconds to complete. PPG technology measurement is used to calculate the current measurement value at writing.

Keeping Track of your Sleep:

Daily updates are made to the data gathered by the sleep monitoring device, and the precise date may be seen on the accompanying mobile application (APP).

Sport Mode:

Engage in various sporting activities such as outdoor running, walking, utilizing a treadmill; mountain climbing; cycling; basketball; yoga; using an elliptical machine, and engaging in other activities by navigating via the interface.

Exercising your Breathing:

When you use the interface, it will walk you through each step of choosing the right time, inhaling & exhales, and accomplishing your fitness objective.

3ATM Waterproof

The fitness tracker comes with 3ATM professional waterproof, with super waterproof performance (can’t be in hot water).
XINJI COBEE C2 Waterproof

Menu’s Design:

You may customize the menu design options by adjusting the watch’s settings. The menu supports both list mode and intelligent mode, which are both supported by the menu.

Xinji Smartwatch

XINJI COBEE C2 smartwatch is one of the unique products you need to buy. It is one of the most preferred products people want to purchase nowadays. Therefore, you should buy this instantly.

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App Download

  1. In Apple mobile phones it can be downloaded in the App Store.
  2. In Android phones, it can be downloaded in Google play store and app treasure
  3. Or scan the QR code in the watch to download the APP.Xinji App


Wearing a watch is preferred by many individuals. This is either a practical need (such as a watch to know the time), or it’s merely trendy. On a person’s wrist, a nice watch looks fantastic. On the other hand, Watches have fallen out of favor with the introduction of smartphones. Since smartphones can tell the time, calendar, and alarms, there’s no need to purchase a watch.


  • PAGT G2 is the product model number.
  • Three-hour water-resistance rating
  • Sensor: G-sensor with three axes of motion
  • 210mAh of the battery system
  • Bluetooth is the synchronization technique.
  • The resolution is 390390.
  • AMOLED 1.2-inch display screen
  • Duration of work: 5-15 days
  • Temperature range: -10C to 50C

Xinji PAGT G2 Smartwatch

Xinji PAGT G2 Features:


Enter the workout data interface by swiping the touch screen from night to the left. calories, steps, and distance


When the watch is linked to the mobile app, any new information on the phone is sent to the watch in real-time. Numerous bits of data will be reserved on the watch.

Xinji Pagt G2 Smart watch

Monitoring of the Heart Rate:

The measurement begins when the green light at the bottom illuminates, and it is finished in 30 to 60 seconds on average. This number is based on PPG technology at the moment.

Xinji Smartwatch

Oxygen Levels in the Blood:

A red indicator light appears at the bottom upon pressing the start button. 30 to 60 seconds is all it takes to perform the measurement. For the time being, the measuring value is based on PPG technology.

Monitoring your Sleep:

The day’s sleep tracking data status is shown, and the exact data may be synced to the APP to be seen in real-time.

Sport Mode:

Sport modes include outside jogging, walking, climbing on a treadmill, and cycling. There is also an elliptical yoga machine and other sports modes.

Breathing Exercises:

Inhale and exhale following the interface’s instructions to obtain the desired outcome of the activity.

Style of the Menu:

In the watch’s settings, you may change the menu design. List and innovative modes are also available in the menu.


there are two game in the watch you can play and in your free time.


3ATM Waterproof

The fitness tracker comes with 3ATM professional waterproof. It can monitor the heart rate, time, distance and calories of more than 15 kinds of sports such as running, hiking, yoga, elliptical, etc., and analyze the sports report to make a scientific fitness plan for you.

Health of Women:

The App’s URL may be found here. It is necessary to adjust the gender to female in the App, and then the watch will ask for the relevant status based on the physical health prompt settings. And Record your current menstrual period. Get predictions for upcoming menstrual& fertile periods. Receive reminders to avoid surprises.


The timer feature may be activated after choosing a suitable time. To notify you when the timer expires, the watch will vibrate.

Dial Switch:

It is possible to change the watch face by long-pressing the dial. Through our App, you can also download other watch faces.

Turning the Power Back On and Off:

The button must be pressed and held for three seconds to turn on the device. When the watch is plugged in, it will turn itself on. To shut down, click the shutdown symbol.

Xinji PAGT G2

It is one of the unique products you need to buy instantly due to its top-notch features. However, if you’re prepared to spend for titanium, ceramic, and sapphire glass, the PAGT G2 is a stunning wearable with quality design and helpful functionality.

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