CreatBot D1000 3D Printer

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The CreatBot D1000 3D Printer stands at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, offering a plethora of features that redefine the capabilities of 3D printing. From its innovative auto-rising dual extruders to the sophisticated camera control technology, this printer caters to the needs of both professionals and enthusiasts alike.

CreatBot D1000 3D Printer

CreatBot D1000 3D Printer Features

Auto-Rising Dual Extruders

CreatBot D1000 3D Printer

One of the standout features of the D1000 is its smart auto-rising dual-extruder kit, boasting a remarkable temperature capability of up to 420 ℃. This versatility enables the printer to handle a diverse range of materials, including PLA, water-soluble PVA for prototypes, ABS, PC, Nylon, Carbon Fiber, Flexible, and other high-performance materials. The ability to swiftly replace the hotend with different sizes enhances flexibility and adaptability for various printing requirements.

Camera Control Technology

CreatBot D1000 3D Printer

The integration of camera control technology sets the D1000 apart, allowing users to remotely monitor and control the printing process through a dedicated app. This feature provides real-time insights into speed, pause, temperature, and more, ensuring optimal printing quality in the shortest time possible. Particularly beneficial for large models and extended printing durations, the camera control technology adds a new dimension of convenience to the 3D printing experience.

Auto Leveling Platform

CreatBot D1000 3D Printer


Achieving precision in 3D printing is paramount, and the D1000 addresses this with a high-precision servo probe that employs 100 points for automatic platform leveling. This intelligent compensation through the Z-axis ensures consistent platform flatness throughout the printing process, contributing to the printer’s reliability and user-friendly experience.

HEPA Air Filter

Recognizing the importance of safety and environmental considerations, the D1000 features an integrated HEPA air filter system. This system effectively absorbs impurities and gases generated during the printing of special filaments like ABS, Nylon, and PC. The result is a 3D printer that is not only efficient but also safer for use in various environments, such as homes, schools, and office spaces.

Accurate Linear Rail

In addressing the challenges associated with longer print lengths, the D1000 incorporates an accurate linear rail structure that remains robust even beyond 1000mm+. The thickness and strength of this structure prevent deflection and maintain precision, ensuring consistent print quality over an extended period.

Servo Motors

The D1000 utilizes servo motors, offering advantages such as timeliness, fast response, no inertia, and no delay. The closed-loop control of position eliminates the risk of losing steps, while simultaneously reducing heat and noise. This results in ultra-high-performance printing at remarkable speeds, setting a new standard in 3D printing precision.

Outage Restore & Filament Detection

CreatBot D1000 3D Printer

Unforeseen power outages pose a common challenge in 3D printing, but the D1000 mitigates this by automatically memorizing the current position and saving print data. In the event of a sudden power loss, the printer lowers the platform and withdraws the filament, seamlessly resuming the printing process from the last stopped point upon power restoration. Additionally, the printer provides filament detection capabilities, preventing invalid printing by stopping and warning when filament runs out.

Hot Chamber & Filament Dry Room

The inclusion of a 60°C hot chamber ensures the high-quality printing of high-performance materials. The fully enclosed chamber not only blocks external interference but also reduces noise and maintains a constant temperature to prevent model deformation. Moreover, the filament dry room offers chamber temperatures of 45°C and 65°C, facilitating the drying of filaments prone to water absorption, such as PLA, nylon, PC, ABS, and others.

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In conclusion, the CreatBot D1000 3D Printer stands as a testament to innovation in the realm of 3D printing. With its array of features, ranging from auto-rising dual extruders to advanced camera control technology, the D1000 caters to the demands of professionals and enthusiasts seeking precision, reliability, and versatility in their 3D printing endeavors.


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