4 reasons not to buy the Samsung Galaxy S21

4 reasons not to buy the Samsung Galaxy S21

The Galaxy S21 series is the new devices introduced by the South Korean company in 2021. The S21, S21, and S21 Ultra all come with the intention of being an advanced benchmark and of course, the continuation of the success of their predecessors throughout 2020.

However, is the new Galaxy S21 worth buying? Many believe that the change compared to the S20 is not significant and that buying the Galaxy S20 is quite enough to pay more for the new S21.

1. Less RAM

The Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus both have 8GB of RAM. It’s not that it’s a small amount, it is clear that these devices can be used with any application or game that we install, but the S20 already had 12 GB of RAM.

In addition to the fact that 12 GB of RAM seemed crazy to us, we sincerely believe that the new version of the smartphone should not only exceed the specifications of its predecessors, but at least match it.

2. Same photography section in Galaxy S20

When you renovate a smartphone, you expect that its specifications will be better than the phone you have in hand. Well, if you thought the Galaxy S21 would take better photos than the Galaxy S20, that’s not the case.

The new Galaxy S21 has the same photographic department as its predecessor. Neither better nor worse. That is, if we buy the S21, we buy a 2020 camera mobile phone and it could be overtaken by new models from Huawei, Sony and even OnePlus.

3. No charger

Apple first announced that its new devices will not contain a charger. Then Samsung joined the trend. And since we pay a lot for a high-end phone, it should come with all its accessories or at least the charger.

If we want to charge the Galaxy S21, we will have to use a charger from an old cell phone that we stored with us. This is not the worst because most of us definitely have hundreds of chargers at home but if we want to get the most out of the fast charging of the device, we will have to get a compatible charger with it and therefore we will have to pay more money.

4. The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is still very good

Another reason not to buy the Galaxy S21 is that the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is a very good phone even today.

Not only because it has the same camera as the S21 and completely similar features, but also because it is much cheaper and is currently available for 600 euros and even less.

So, if you want a good high-end phone and have a budget, we recommend the high-end Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra as the best Samsung of 2021. In the absence of enough budget, the Galaxy S20 FE has an unbeatable advantage in price quality.

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