IPhone 13 is expected to arrive with a capacity of 1 TB

IPhone 13 is expected to arrive with a capacity of 1 TB

One of Apple’s best product forecasters suggests that the Pro model of this year’s upcoming iPhone 13 lineup may double the maximum storage capacity from 512GB to a new 1TB. The only other iOS device to offer the 1 TB model is the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

In the final episode of “Front Page Tech” on YouTube, John Prosser claims that Apple is currently producing various prototypes of the iPhone 13 before mass production in the summer. Although “not much is actually final,” he said, some prototypes “feature terabyte of storage space.” This appears to be true of Pro models.

Here’s how to increase the maximum iPhone storage capacity in the past few years:

2015: iPhone 6s with 128GB of storage

2016: iPhone 7 with up to 256GB of storage

2018: iPhone XS with up to 512GB of storage

2019: iPhone 11 with up to 512GB of storage

2020: iPhone 12 with up to 512GB of storage

And now, the iPhone 13 should give us up to 1 TB of smartphone storage space in 2021!


Prosser continues to point out in the video that previous reports about the upcoming smaller protrusion of the iPhone 13 screen this year are correct, based on the CAD file of the iPhone 13 he was said to have seen. According to the video, “The bump in this prototype appears to be shorter, not narrower.”

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