Apple IPad Pro 2021 Rumors, Features and Release Date

Apple IPad Pro 2021 Rumors, Features and Release Date

We’ve heard rumors about the 2021 iPad Pro update, and it’s likely the major change is the display technology to the mini-LED that will appear on the 12.9-inch model. As rumors indicate, this iPad will be unveiled in April. Here’s everything we know about the looming iPad Pro update.

The fourth generation iPad Pro was launched in March 2020 with minor upgrades. Apple announced the device with a press release. The main changes were the LiDAR Scanner, which was first introduced in an Apple product, and the A12Z chip, which is a variant of the A12 series. The most exciting news was the introduction of the Trackpad Magic Keyboard, which also works on the third-generation iPad Pro (and now the fourth-generation iPad Air).

As for the 2021 iPad Pro update, we can expect new features, although supply chain leakers told Macotakara in January that this model will not have a newer design. Rumors currently indicate that Apple may release this new iPad Pro “as early as April”

Reports still indicate that the new iPad Pro will be launched in the first quarter of 2021. According to DigiTimes, mini-LED technology will be the main change in the iPad lineup for this year.

Now all iPads have LCD screens that require backlighting. With the introduction of mini-LED, significantly smaller LEDs are used, providing much more control over the local backlight, allowing for higher brightness and deeper blacks. The formula boosts contrast while using less energy.

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro is likely the first Apple product to feature mini-LED technology. Basically, Apple Watch and iPhone only use an OLED screen. Other devices, including the iPad and MacBook, use an LCD screen. The introduction of mini-LED display technology in the fifth generation of iPad Pro will open the way for more Apple products to adopt this feature, such as the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

It is important to note that, at present, only the 12.9-inch iPad Pro model will receive mini-LED display technology. According to multiple reports and analysts, the new iPad will contain a chip based on the A14, the same processor available in the fourth generation iPad Air, and the iPhone 12 range.

It is not clear if the chip will be called A14X or A14Z, but it will have better performance than the previous model.

Bloomberg’s report now indicates that this new iPad will ditch the USB-C port for Thunderbolt. Thunderbolt ports are available on the Mac and will enable iPad Pro users to connect to additional displays and other accessories, as well as transfer files faster. In terms of design, the connector looks the same, but the technology is better.

This device could also receive an upgrade on its cameras, with Smart HDR 3 recording technology and Dolby Vision, introduced with the iPhone 12.

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