New Xiaomi Upcoming Interface MIUI 13 Release Date

New Xiaomi Upcoming Interface MIUI 13 Release Date

Although the spread of MIUI 12.5 is proceeding somewhat slowly, the company is preparing to announce the MIUI 13 interface according to reports, as reports revealed that the company is preparing to launch its new interface in the near future.

MIUI 13 Release date

Reports revealed that the company will introduce MIUI 13 next month, and reports stated that the date will be next June 25, and according to reports, the interface will be launched in China at the beginning, and then it will be launched globally.

The company will almost certainly announce that the special interface has become more stable, faster and more effective, and a new user interface is always announced in conjunction with the release of some of the company’s phones, and it is expected that the premiere of MIUI 13 will coincide with the presentation of Xiaomi Mi Mix 4.

It should be noted that the company is currently busy distributing MIUI 12.5 and at the moment it has succeeded in updating the Chinese versions of the phones, while the global firmware is not being prepared by the developers at the speed that the company’s users want.

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