AOHI Magcube 65W PD Fast Charger for MacBook & iPhone for only $43.99 (10% OFF)

AOHI Magcube 65W PD Fast Charger for MacBook & iPhone for only $43.99 (10% OFF)

It hasn’t taken long for chargers to achieve widespread acceptance owing to their many advantages, including their small size, low heat production, and high efficiency and speed with which they charge. Consequently, there is a wide range of chargers on the market today and the quality varies greatly. The Aohi Magcube 65W fast charger comes highly recommended by the author of this article. What distinguishes it from others? Is it worth the difficulty to go through with it? Let’s work together to find a solution to this issue.

Regarding phone chargers, Aohi is a brand owned by Aohi Technology, a company that produces chargers for several popular brands throughout the globe. Aohi is a trademark owned and maintained by Aohi Technology, Magcube 65W PD Fast Charger from Aohi Magcube comes in simple and easy packaging. The front of the white box is printed with an image of the product. In addition, the manufacturer provides free warranty service for the first 18 months.

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Buy AOHI Magcube 65W PD Fast Charger from AOHI Official Website  for only $43.99 (10% OFF)

AOHI Magcube 65W PD Fast Charger Features:

Your laptop for work and your smartphone to remain in touch will be among the many electronic devices you depend on during the day. As a result, you’ll need to be able to charge them quickly. It’s a comfort to know that the AOHI Magcube 65W PD Fast Charger may help us with this problem. This one boasts a 93 percent conversion rate and 65 watts of high-speed charging compared to normal chargers. The GaN+ technology and the Power Integration chipset are solely to blame for this success.

AOHI Fast Charger

Charging for Many Devices:

Because it is compatible with so many other electronic devices, this gadget is a real winner. Do you own a 13-inch MacBook Pro? This USB-C GaN charger can recharge your device to full capacity in about one and a half hours. It will be ready to go in a fraction of the time it normally takes. Aside from that, the iPad Pro 11-inch can be charged to 100% in under two hours, and the iPhone 12 can be charged to 55% in under a half hour, according to the company. This USB-C GaN charger isn’t limited to only Apple’s line of devices. In addition to laptops, wearables, earbuds, and phones, it also works with drones.

AOHI Magcube 65W PD Fast Charger

Monitor Charging:

Using a power data cable that is readily visible, this USB-C GaN charger not only charges your connected devices quickly but also lets you know how far along you are in the charging process. The charging status of your smartphone may be checked at a glance on the cable’s inbuilt digital display. As a result, you will always know whether the charger is working correctly and where it is in the charging process. In this method, you will not have to worry about a dead item you thought was charging overnight. In addition, you won’t have to be concerned about your laptop running out of battery before the meeting is through.

Travel Friendly Charger:

Another drawback of standard chargers is their bulky design. Your MacBook’s charging square and any other laptop chargers you pack need a specific spot in your luggage. On the other hand, the AOHI Magcube 65W PD Fast Charger is an exception. It’s 60 percent smaller than a typical 65-watt charger and weighs only 3.67 ounces. It is easy to use regularly and when traveling for work. Traveling worldwide, you’ll be happy to know that a voltage range of 100V to 240V will work in almost any country.

AOHI Magcube 65W  Fast Charger

Enjoy Device Protection:

Naturally, your electrical devices will be safe to use while charging on this USB-C GaN charger. This cutting-edge chipset automatically adjusts the voltage depending on the current charging status. You may do it this way to ensure that charging your electronics does not hurt them. The tuning is such that they are always operating at their peak.


Purchase Everything you Need:

An 18-month warranty is also included with the AOHI Magcube 65W PD Fast Charger, in addition to the USB-C to USB-C 4-foot cable, welcome manual, and other accessories.

AOHI Magcube 65W PD Fast Charger

Whether you work from home or in a busy workplace, you do not have the time to deal with dead batteries. Having a fast charger like the AOHI Magcube 65W PD Fast Charger at your office is a great idea. Because of its small size and 65-watt power source, this charger may be used in either a wall outlet supplied by your business or in your bag for faster charging.

AOHI 65W Fast Charger

That’s why having a decent charger in your home is important. You may use this USB-C GaN charger since it is small and suitable for most of your electronics. The AOHI Magcube 65W PD Fast Charger is the best option if you’re looking to simplify charging in any area. Ninety-three percent of the energy is converted into power, and the charger provides a rapid 65-watt charge. You need one charger for practically all your charging requirements since it is compatible with most digital products.

AOHI Magcube 65W PD Fast Charger

You may use the handy and unique clever charging function throughout the day. Charger’s portability and travel friendliness make the ability to charge your phone while on the road. You won’t have to worry about your battery’s capacity any more thanks to our Rapid Charger. As the market develops in this direction, consumers will soon see the need to charge safely. In the end, the Aohi Magcube 65W GaN fast charger is a worthwhile investment in terms of quality and price, especially given how small and quickly it charges.

Aohi Fast Charger



Macbook Pro 15 / Macbook Pro 13 / Macbook Air 13 / Macbook 12 / Macbook Pro 16


iPad Pro 11” 2018-2021 / iPad Pro 12.9” 2018-2021 / iPad mini 5 / iPad 8th generation 2020 / iPad Air 4th generation 2020


  • iPhone 12 series / iPhone 11 series / XS / XS Max / X / XR / iPhone SE 2th generation/ iPhone 8
  • Mi 10 / 10 Pro / 9 / 9 Pro / Mix 3 / Mix 2 / Mix 2S
  • Note 9 / 7 / 5 / 3 / 2
  • S20 / S20+ / S10 / S10+ / S10E / S9 / S9+ / S8
  • Mate 40 / Pro / 40 Pro+ /40 RS / 30 / 30 Pro / 30E Pro

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Buy AOHI Magcube 65W PD Fast Charger from AOHI Official Website  for only $43.99 (10% OFF)


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