Microsoft says iPad Pro is Bad and you shouldn't buy it!

Microsoft says iPad Pro is Bad and you shouldn’t buy it!

Microsoft is trying to discredit Apple’s iPad Pro and highlight the benefits of the Surface Pro 7. This is done through an advertising video. The criticism comes weeks after it did the same with the MacBook Pro.

The company suggested the MacBook Pro was an attempt at a modern computer. We’re talking about a PC with a powerful silicon chip that significantly outperforms Intel’s legacy equipment, even out of the competition. Why is Microsoft’s insistence on discrediting Apple’s products? Did the rivalry between the two companies lead to Microsoft’s use of this tactic as a sales tool?

Like the MacBook Pro, the iPad Pro is questioned by Microsoft. The following video shows a teenager comparing the functions of both devices.


In the video, the boy notes that many people asked him to “compare Surface Pro 7 to iPad Pro, in this comparison it is highlighted that the iPad Pro is a device with few features that only feed the” arrogance of the rich. ”

Likewise, it highlights that the iPad Pro is not being sold with physical support. Even the number of ports it offers is insufficient, confirming that the Surface Pro 7 comes with an additional port.

In fact, the young man is correct in pointing out that Apple products are very expensive. But, as is known, it is aimed at a premium market, hence the reason for the high cost of its devices.

Now, it must be recognized that the Surface Pro 7 is superior to the iPad Pro, since the former is a PC. Therefore, it has more capacity and can operate more operations. However, the choice will be left to the user, it is a matter of taste.

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